Electrical Services Newtown

Electrical Services Newtown

If you are looking for a onetime solution to all your needs pertaining to electricity under one roof, we at General Electrical Services also known as GES in Newtown Australia can serve you the best. Starting from installations of electrical parts in a place to servicing and even level 2 electrical connections, we do it all proficiently and make sure that everything is perfect.

We have a team of the best electricians in the city of Newtown, who are well experienced in this field of electrical equipment management and services. When it comes to the best electricians Newtown then we are the best.

Our expert team is present in many cities and towns in Australia including Newtown and provide valuable services are reasonable rates to the people who are looking for some help pertaining to electrical installation and services in Newtown.

What do we offer?

So here below are three of our premier services that you may also need at any given time when it comes to electrical installation and services in your home, office and even manufacturing unit.

  • Domestic or residential electrician services

This as you may know from the name itself is for residences all across the city of Newtown. There are a lot of electrical equipments in all homes that need electricity to work. Electricity is supplied to these electronic equipments from the switch boards which get the required electricity from a main electric unit that’s the main switch of the home.

So all these connections from the main switch to the switch boards in rooms till the connections to the electrical devices like Lights, Fans, Air-conditions, television, home theatres and more is done by a residential or domestic electrician Newtown at very reasonable rates.

  • Commercial electrical services Newtown

When it comes to commercial electrical services Newtown then GES is that very name that people trust blindly. It is due to our experience and proficiency in getting the whole work of commercial electrical connection in any office or commercial unit done. There is a lot of difference in between residential electrical installations and commercial electrical installation as here in the commercial electrical installation there are hundreds of lights and connections to be made all across the place. This service is provided to customers on both small scale and large scale basis depending upon the need of the place where commercial electrical services Newtown is needed.

Now a level 2 electrician Newtown is someone who has years of experience in the field of electrical installations and knows very well to connect the mainline current with your homes main switch. In other words, we have a team to connect your homes meter box with the man panel. Not everyone can do this as they need to be trained to do this work and authorised by certain organisations.

Our team work is highly committed and experienced with electricity requirements, and so we are highly required by many people in Newtown. GES employs only the best level 2 electricians Newtown who does this work easily. Contact us anytime for any electricity work!