Electrical Services Strathfield

Electrical Services Strathfield

There are a lot of good electrical service companies all across Strathfield that deal with electrical installations, services and repairs but then what makes us unique and special? It’s none other than our high end electrical services that we offer in Strathfield with our big team of experienced electricians Strathfield. With over 20 years of experience in the field of electrical works, installations, services and repairs we have come way more far than our competitors in the market.

We offer a variety of electrical services in Strathfield and all over Australia, namely Security equipment installation, maintenance services and Data and Phone Services which are some of the very important services in Australia these days.

Security equipment installation and maintenance services

The major services that we at the GES offer to our customers all across Strathfield is the Security equipment installation and maintenance services which is done with expertise through our dedicated team of electricians Strathfield who know every speck of the security systems. They basically deal with three forms of security systems namely.

  • Burglar Alarms –

With the increasing cases of burglary in Australia especially in Strathfield, Burglar Alarms have become necessities. We help in installing them on all the entrances of your home like doors and windows through which burglars cannot enter through.

  • CCTV Systems –

GES is one of the few companies in Australia that offers electrical services Strathfield dealing with the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems at very reasonable and affordable rates.

  • Access Control –

For a very long time this technology was available with only software companies but now GES has added this to the list of electrical services Strathfield as well. We provide numeric access security systems as well as multiple user access systems as well to the customers.

Data and Phone Services and Installation Strathfield

GES is the only electrical service company in the whole of Australia that also offers Data and Phone Services and Installation in the country, mainly in Strathfield. We have expert team working with Fibre Optics and Data cabling systems, this is where the work of a Level 2 Electrician Strathfield comes up as he connects the whole mainline with the telecommunication system of your homes. You may be a Telstra customer or Dodo or any other telecommunication company in Australia the Level 2 Electrician Strathfield are experts in connecting both underground and overhead mainlines to your homes systems.

We also help in installation and services of both new and old Data communication lines and networks with the help of the electronic and telecommunication engineers working under them. In short we at the GES deal with anything to everything that deals with electricity and are trying to even expand our horizons to more and more things, be it Level 2 Electrician Strathfield or electrical services Strathfield.

If you wish to get the smooth services from our team of qualified electricians then you need to ring us at 0414699858. Our team will arrive at your place at short notice and will solve all your concerns in less time.