General electrical has been in the industry of electrical components, and maintenance since 20 years. The extensive experience has given us an ability to serve our customers in a thorough method.

Electrical commodities are not the way they used to be, say, a decade ago. Electrical commodities to be user friendly have become much technically complicated on the inside. Earlier the commodities were manufactured as per the markets they were targeted in. E.g. Different countries have different indoor voltage supplies, ranging from 100v to 250v. So the electrical products were manufactured as per these voltages. Today, electrical commodities with common specifications are made to work in different locations. No longer are the days when a product made for Asian markets wouldn’t work in Australia. You can buy a product in Hong Kong and use it at your home in Sydney, without any modifications.

The electrical regulations have also changed over the years. The infrastructure used today is far more efficient. The need for conservation of electricity has reflected in the way electricity has transferred to the point of consumption. The regulations regarding the use of electrical infrastructure have become very stringent. This is also due to the increased understanding of risks posed to human life by electrical hazards.

We believe that providing the best quality of professional service allows the customers to have a peace of mind. Knowing that the service received is up to the mark and satisfaction levels of the customers lets them understand that things are the way they want, and are the way they should be. Having electrical components of top notch quality installed reduces the adversity risks and damages. Understanding the requirements of the customers and providing accurate results allows paves way for a long term, sustainable relationship between us and you – the client. It is our duty to help you understand what the risks of using substandard infrastructure are, and the unfavourable loss that has to be eventually borne by the client.

The electrical technicians at General Electrical are well qualified and experienced to provide you with the best solutions for all your electrical requirements. General Electrical is well versed to provide you with installation, service, and maintenance of electrical, telephony, data, and security infrastructure at your homes, offices, and businesses.

Capable of providing quick services, our team of commercial electricians based in Sydney will provide you with perfect solutions for your requirements. We will provide 24/7 for our clients. We are electrical contractors from Sydney, who can provide all types of electrical maintenance solutions for your homes as well as businesses. We can provide solutions for alarm systems and security systems

It is our goal to provide you with high quality of workmanship and a satisfaction of a job well done. We owe our business success to our clients who put complete faith in us, and refer us to their friends and family. Our customers are our first priority and providing the best quality professional service at competitive prices is our objective